Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Dance Your Heart Out at the 51st State Festival

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August 4, 2018 – Mark this date on your calendar now if you love to listen and dance to house music.  Then, go on and book a stay at any of the serviced apartments Central London to go to this one-day dance festival at the Trent Country Park. The festival will treat you hours of energizing house music, spectacular production numbers, and delectable street food.

Now on its 4th year, the 51st State Festival promises to give you more attractions, better facilities, and a bigger spread of street food to keep the hunger pangs away while you pop, lock, and dance the night away. There will be six stages all decked in impressive immersive themes. The entire festival will truly be a feast for the senses with state of the art visuals and sound systems.
Esteemed names from the dance community will host and grace the stages of the 51st State Festival including Backto95, Found, Hot Wuk, Studio 51, We Love Soul, Louie Vega and Kenny Dope, Danny Krivit, Todd Terry, Dimitri, Soul Clap, and Derrick Carter among others.

Tickets are now available online for the 51st State Festival. Standard VIP tickets are at £55.00.  Amenities like Chill sacs, lockers, and power banks are also available for a fee. There are also tickets available for the After Party.
The site of the festival is a wonder in itself with hundreds of acres of greens and a couple of brooks and lakes. It’s not only the music that feeds your soul but the beautiful landscape all around you in this portion of London’s Green Belt.

Indeed, it’s a natural respite from the busy streets of London yet it does not take you away from the modern conveniences that you need. It is not at all difficult for tourists staying in serviced apartments Marylebone to visit the 51st State Festival which would ease your travel case. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

What You Need to Know about Medical Tourism in London

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Medical tourism is a fast-growing industry in London. The UK has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Fact is, many countries are rather behind in this aspect, as most of them suffer from insufficient and expensive healthcare systems. More than one million Americans travel overseas for medical purposes each year, and London is one of their major destinations. Many individuals from Qatar and Saudi Arabia also fly to London for medical purposes, with the governments in their countries footing the charges of any healthcare expenses.

Where do Tourists Go for Medical Treatment in London?
London is known for being home to most well-run and well-funded hospitals, both in the private and public sector. The London Eye Hospital is the number one choice for eye surgeries while the Wellington Street Hospital is the biggest British independent hospital. The Portland Street Hospital solely caters to conditions that affect women and kids, while the London Bridge Hospital provides deluxe private healthcare services to tourists and VIP visitors. These hospitals are close to the some of the best and affordable serviced apartments London.

What Makes London Famous for Medical Tourism?
The United Kingdom is popular for its well-funded NHS or National Health Service. Though the National Health Service is free to locals, the fees charged to visitors are still more affordable than that of other countries. The medical fees charged by private hospitals in London are also affordable. Though the private hospitals in London charge a bit expensive rates, the rates are still cheaper when you compare them to the healthcare cost in other countries like the US.

Where Should You Stay When Receiving Medical Treatment in the UK?
Though certain conditions might require you to stay in the hospital, some treatment facilities will give you the privilege to choose your accommodation. While you stay in the hospital during the recovery phase, your loved ones will need a comfortable space to rest at night. Hotels in London are invasive and small, so why not get a room for them in a self-catering apartment London? Marylebone has several serviced apartments offering long-term and short-stay options which make them suitable for everyone.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Relics of the Past: A Visit to London’s Bank of England Museum

To many of the native citizens of London, a trip to their wonderful city would be rendered incomplete without a visit to the Bank of England Museum.

Home to much of England’s rich history, the Bank of England Museum offers its visitors the opportunity to experience English culture like never before, thanks to the multitude of historical displays stored within the building’s halls.

Located within the Bank of England, the United Kingdom’s leading banking authority, the museum itself contains records documenting the bank’s long and fascinating history within England. From its humble founding in the late 17th century to its transformation into a major titan in the banking industry, the Bank of England Museum is a treat for the eyes as well as for the mind.

The History and Founding
The Bank of England has its origins rooted deeply in the history of the country itself. It was established during the peak of a European war to gather funds for the war effort. In less than two weeks, the government was able to collect up to £ 1.2 million, which they used to procure enhancements for their navy. This influx of cash was responsible for giving England the firepower necessary to rule the seas during the 17th century.

The Banknote Gallery
Are you interested in the evolution of banknotes and their influence over world cultures? To anyone staying in the Marylebone apartments short stay; you’re only a half-hour trip away from discovering the secrets to the paper bills we use today.

Discover how banknotes were originally made in a time before industrial machines, and how they are made now with the most sophisticated of technological devices. Enrich your mind with the knowledge available at this exhibit.

The Rotunda
Does gold really look and feel as glamorous as it does on TV? Find out for yourself in the Rotunda, where a real life gold ingot sits waiting for visitors to hold for themselves.

Filling this room as well are remnants of the bank’s ancient business practices. Old banknotes and coins fill the room, ready for your perusal. To any tourist with a keen interest in culture and finance, this exhibit is for you!

An afternoon at the Bank of England Museum is one that will surely be filled with entertainment, education, and the enrichment of culture and knowledge for visitors staying in serviced apartments London. Resting within this museum is a story that needs to be told, and now it is waiting for you to come visit and hear that story yourself.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Where to Watch the Queen’s Birthday Gun Salute

Just like everyone else, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday. But unlike everyone else, she gets so much more than the usual cake and wine. In fact, she gets a gun salute on her birthday, something that only a few people on Earth get to experience.

A gun salute is done on the day of the queen’s birthday. There are currently two sets of gun salutes you need to keep an eye out for. The first set of gun salute can be seen and heard during midday at Hyde Park on the day of the queen’s actual birthday, which is April 21. This sprawling park is one of the most famous parks in London. Tourists visit this park in droves and they seem to double during the queen’s birthday.

Many people flock to this location in order to see the spectacular display that honor’s the queen on her birthday. If you want to make sure that you get a good view of the festivities, Presidential Apartment Marylebone is available for you. You can rent these apartments easily by making a reservation online or calling the reservation number.

After the midday gun salute, a 62-gun salute can be seen and heard at the Tower of London. The Tower of London in itself is already a spectacular landmark to behold. When the gun salute is added, it becomes a marvelous display of unquestioning loyalty to the monarchy. During the festivities, you can see horses on full gallop. They never do that on any other occasion so it is truly a sight to behold.
Just like Hyde Park, the Tower of London becomes a huge melting pot of tourists and local’s alike waiting for the gun salutes to proceed. Many people come out just to see the wonderful show that honors the reigning monarch. The organizers of said event never fail to wow the crowd and give them the best display.

Covent Garden accommodation in London is the best places to view the festivities without being jostled by the crowd. From these nearby apartments, you can see all the events in the comfort of your own room.

Going to London to see the festivities associated with the queen’s birthday is a once in a lifetime event you should never miss.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

5 London Destinations for Your Spring Vacation

Spring is the best time to have a London tour for two reasons: the weather is great and the sceneries are more colorful. The parks and gardens, some of which are near aparthotels central London, look livelier thanks to the hundreds of thousands of flowers blooming during the season. If you are planning to visit during springtime, below are some of the top destinations you might want to add in your itinerary.

Kew Gardens
Constructed in 1840, Kew Gardens is among the oldest botanical gardens in the world. This World Heritage Site boasts the biggest herbarium with more than seven million specimens of preserved plants. It also has a library that features an impressive collection of 175,000 illustrations and 750,000 volumes. If you are visiting with kids, they will surely have fun in The Hive, Treetop Walkway and Glasshouses. You can visit the garden any day, from 10:00 AM to 5:15 PM.

Regent’s Canal
Explore the surroundings of the Regent’s Canal by walking or biking. In addition to seeing the rich flora nearby, you can also watch swans and ducks as they paddle on the canal’s waters. These activities are cost-free, but if you are willing to spend for a better experience, consider kayaking, cruising, and buying a book in the famed floating bookshop. You may also dine in one of the floating restaurants in the canal.

Cannizaro Park
Londoners know it is springtime when purple crocuses bloom in the grounds of Cannizaro Park. Located as a part of the Wimbledon Common, the said park serves as a home to numerous trees and ornamentals.

Isabella Plantation
Isabella Plantation forms part of Richmond Park, also known as the largest of the eight Royal Parks. The said plantation is considered as a woodland garden, featuring one of the best displays of azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom. The last week of April and first week of May are the most ideal time to see these flowers.

St. James Park
Bask, have a picnic and see the most iconic palace in the world. Spend nothing as you do these things in St. James Park. Therein, you can witness the well-known Trooping the Colour ceremony. Aside from the Buckingham Palace, you can also walk around the said park to have a glimpse of the Green Park, Birdcage Walk, Clarence House and Whitehall. During springtime, walking in St. James Park is made more enjoyable with all the blooming daffodils therein.

By booking a nearby accommodation like short stay apartments London, you can go to your preferred parks and enjoy their views sooner.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Off The Beaten Path – The Best of London’s Hidden Attractions

London has an impressive, awe-inspiring assemblage of iconic attractions and landmarks. There is the Big Ben, the numerous historic palaces and buildings. There is the great, iconic London Bridge. The double-decker buses, the black quaint taxis and the enchanting train stations.

Serviced apartments in London are perfect spots to start and end a day of exploring. These are close to most of the tourist places.
Moreover, these serviced apartments are also right next to the popular places the locals flock to. If you wish to spend your London visit doing what the locals do, here is a bucket list of non-touristy London activities:

Magic Circle at Stephonson Way, London

This is oldest magic institute in the world. Enjoy something magical and out of the usual tourist experience. This is a museum where you find strange yet amazing items from several centuries ago. The place also hosts shows from the greatest magicians all over the world.

Street Art

The streets of London are like an art museum. It’s not just about the beautiful architecture and the lovely facades of the many eccentric shops in the city. The Street Art is also alive, vibrant and attractive.
There are places in the city where giant artistic graffiti and astounding murals can be appreciated. One example is Shoreditch and the street along the historic Thames River.

Indie picture house

Enjoy a laid-back evening watching British films. The storylines are very different from the usual Hollywood movie plot formulas. The city has many cinema complexes. However, most of the modern ones are always busy. Avoid the crowds and watch original, spellbinding indie pictures in places like those in Shoreditch and Camden. These places also feature popular releases.

Alternative tours

The city also offers alternative tours that are equally educational and entertaining as the usual open-top bus tours. Some of these tours include visits to London’s historical places such as the trail of Jack the Ripper, London’s most infamous serial killer.

It is great to see the popular tourist places on a visit to this stunning city where history and modern life mingle in harmony. However, most times of the year, these places can get crowded with tourists.
The jostling around for the perfect spot to take pictures can ruin the moment to really take in the sights and appreciate the history.  There is the traffic jams getting to these attractions and landmarks. Not to mention the lines to get inside these places.

To get the most out of a stay in the city, first is strategic location of a place to stay such as the serviced apartments in Covent Garden. Also, try something different with the city’s several non-touristy offers.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Great Places for Meditation in the Middle of Busy London

Some people need to meditate, to find peace and quiet, particularly when they are in the middle of touring a bustling city like London. If you want time out to escape the hectic schedule and noise, London offers peaceful respite in certain places within the city.

·         Postman’s Park
The City of London is a bustling business district. Touring the place can be quite a hectic, if gratifying, experience. However, if you need respite from a frenzied schedule, London provides a satisfying break.

The Postman’s Park lies in the center of the bustling city. It has a shady pathway that weaves through the entire garden – providing an alternative, and more peaceful, option to the busy streets of Central London.

If you want to meditate and clear your head, you can do so in a bench that looks over the beautiful bedding display that serves as the park’s centrepiece.

·         Kyoto Gardens
Holland Park offers 54 acres of idyllic outdoor space. In its very heart lies the beautiful Kyoto Gardens, a gorgeous natural green escape for people who are looking for a place of calm and serenity.

Kyoto Gardens was created in 1992 to celebrate the Japan Festival. It offers breath-taking wildflowers, beautiful waterfalls, and the quintessential Japanese carp pond. People flock to the gardens to enjoy the natural scenery and beauty, get away from the stress, and meditate.

Kyoto Gardens is accessible from serviced apartments London so you can always spend a quiet afternoon of meditation amidst the hushed beauty that the place offers.

·         Eel Pie Island

The Eel Pie Island is a serene floating village that is part of the Borough of Richmond near Twickenham.  The Island, which sits in the middle of River Thames, has an enigmatic, serene, and exclusive ambiance. People visit the island to seek peace and get away from the excitement and whirl that characterize the busy streets of London.

·         Selfridges Silence Room

Seflridges is popular with tourists and locals who want to go shopping.  It is a lively department store where staff and customers alike seem always in a rush.
If you want to escape the constant hustle and bustle of the store, you can find relief in the store’s silence room – an insulated room that is precisely intended to offer absolute serenity and silence for people who need time and space to rest their mind, meditate, and restore their energy.

If you need some time off to relax and meditate, you can always find a pleasant and quiet spot in London that is accessible from the serviced apartments Covent Garden