Friday, 23 February 2018

Off The Beaten Path – The Best of London’s Hidden Attractions

London has an impressive, awe-inspiring assemblage of iconic attractions and landmarks. There is the Big Ben, the numerous historic palaces and buildings. There is the great, iconic London Bridge. The double-decker buses, the black quaint taxis and the enchanting train stations.

Serviced apartments in London are perfect spots to start and end a day of exploring. These are close to most of the tourist places.
Moreover, these serviced apartments are also right next to the popular places the locals flock to. If you wish to spend your London visit doing what the locals do, here is a bucket list of non-touristy London activities:

Magic Circle at Stephonson Way, London

This is oldest magic institute in the world. Enjoy something magical and out of the usual tourist experience. This is a museum where you find strange yet amazing items from several centuries ago. The place also hosts shows from the greatest magicians all over the world.

Street Art

The streets of London are like an art museum. It’s not just about the beautiful architecture and the lovely facades of the many eccentric shops in the city. The Street Art is also alive, vibrant and attractive.
There are places in the city where giant artistic graffiti and astounding murals can be appreciated. One example is Shoreditch and the street along the historic Thames River.

Indie picture house

Enjoy a laid-back evening watching British films. The storylines are very different from the usual Hollywood movie plot formulas. The city has many cinema complexes. However, most of the modern ones are always busy. Avoid the crowds and watch original, spellbinding indie pictures in places like those in Shoreditch and Camden. These places also feature popular releases.

Alternative tours

The city also offers alternative tours that are equally educational and entertaining as the usual open-top bus tours. Some of these tours include visits to London’s historical places such as the trail of Jack the Ripper, London’s most infamous serial killer.

It is great to see the popular tourist places on a visit to this stunning city where history and modern life mingle in harmony. However, most times of the year, these places can get crowded with tourists.
The jostling around for the perfect spot to take pictures can ruin the moment to really take in the sights and appreciate the history.  There is the traffic jams getting to these attractions and landmarks. Not to mention the lines to get inside these places.

To get the most out of a stay in the city, first is strategic location of a place to stay such as the serviced apartments in Covent Garden. Also, try something different with the city’s several non-touristy offers.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Great Places for Meditation in the Middle of Busy London

Some people need to meditate, to find peace and quiet, particularly when they are in the middle of touring a bustling city like London. If you want time out to escape the hectic schedule and noise, London offers peaceful respite in certain places within the city.

·         Postman’s Park
The City of London is a bustling business district. Touring the place can be quite a hectic, if gratifying, experience. However, if you need respite from a frenzied schedule, London provides a satisfying break.

The Postman’s Park lies in the center of the bustling city. It has a shady pathway that weaves through the entire garden – providing an alternative, and more peaceful, option to the busy streets of Central London.

If you want to meditate and clear your head, you can do so in a bench that looks over the beautiful bedding display that serves as the park’s centrepiece.

·         Kyoto Gardens
Holland Park offers 54 acres of idyllic outdoor space. In its very heart lies the beautiful Kyoto Gardens, a gorgeous natural green escape for people who are looking for a place of calm and serenity.

Kyoto Gardens was created in 1992 to celebrate the Japan Festival. It offers breath-taking wildflowers, beautiful waterfalls, and the quintessential Japanese carp pond. People flock to the gardens to enjoy the natural scenery and beauty, get away from the stress, and meditate.

Kyoto Gardens is accessible from serviced apartments London so you can always spend a quiet afternoon of meditation amidst the hushed beauty that the place offers.

·         Eel Pie Island

The Eel Pie Island is a serene floating village that is part of the Borough of Richmond near Twickenham.  The Island, which sits in the middle of River Thames, has an enigmatic, serene, and exclusive ambiance. People visit the island to seek peace and get away from the excitement and whirl that characterize the busy streets of London.

·         Selfridges Silence Room

Seflridges is popular with tourists and locals who want to go shopping.  It is a lively department store where staff and customers alike seem always in a rush.
If you want to escape the constant hustle and bustle of the store, you can find relief in the store’s silence room – an insulated room that is precisely intended to offer absolute serenity and silence for people who need time and space to rest their mind, meditate, and restore their energy.

If you need some time off to relax and meditate, you can always find a pleasant and quiet spot in London that is accessible from the serviced apartments Covent Garden

Mayfair’s Remarkable Art Galleries

If you are an art enthusiast, you should not fail to give Mayfair a visit. The place fairly bursts with art galleries that are accessible from the short stay apartments London.
Make sure to include the following interesting galleries in your tour:
  • Chris Beetles Gallery
If you are into quintessential English art, you are in for a treat at Mayfair’s Chris Beetles Gallery. The art gallery is reputed for its amazing collection of traditional British art work, including sculptures, oil paintings, watercolour, cartoons, and illustrations.
If you want to add to your personal collection of art work, Chris Beetle’s is the place to visit. Art enthusiasts are drawn to the gallery because of the wide collection of beautiful art work for sale, many of which are available for people with limited budgets.
Chris Beetles is located near Green Park at 8-10 Ryder Street.
  • The Fleming Collection
If you are particularly interested in the work of Scottish artists, you should visit the Fleming Collection. The gallery features more than 750 portraits and watercolours from Scottish artists. It has works that date back to the 1770s, as well as works from contemporary artists.
You will not be disappointed by the gallery’s fine collection that represents some of the finest works by Ramsay, Wilkie, and Raeburn. You will also find in this gallery dazzling paintings of the spectacular highlands that Scotland is known for.
The Fleming Collection continues to acquire new works of art, especially from young and promising Scottish artists.
  • Eskenazi
A short walk from Presidential Apartments Marylebone, Eskenazi offers six amazing floors of ancient art. It is particularly known for its spectacular collection of works of art depicting ancient Chinese history. Two entire floors are dedicated to ancient art from the Orient.
Some of the gallery’s most celebrated exhibits include the works of distinguished artist Lui Dan, as well as the magnificent works of art representing the best from the Qing and Ming dynasties.
  • Halcyon Gallery
The gallery is well-known for its vast collection of art work from the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Italy, Spain, Colombia, and the United States. It is home to contemporary and modern art.
The gallery offers five storeys of space filled with remarkable art work. You will find masterpieces from celebrated artists from all over the world, including the work of Bob Dylan, Wu Ching Ju, Montoya, and Santiago.
  • Michael Werner
Michael Werner is filled with traditional charm. Found inside a traditional town house surrounded by quaint wrought-iron gates, Michael Werner features the works of modern and contemporary artists in a setting of intricately detailed wall mouldings and beautifully carved fireplaces.
Michael Werner features the works of modern artists like Picabia and Beuys, as well as those of revered masters like Doig, Polke, and Baselitz.

If you want to see prestigious art collections representing the world’s finest artists, go to Mayfair.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Most Memorable Winter Pop-up Cinemas London has to Offer

Imagine a Hogwarts-like setting playing your favorite films on a pop-up cinema or a neon electric spectacle to complete a film viewing experience of a lifetime. Treat yourself this Christmas with London’s best winter pop-up cinema complete with cozy blankets and mulled wine. Visit these top winter pop-up cinemas in London that will put your everyday cinema experience to shame:

1.   Winter Film Club at the Electric Theatre in Peckham
A jaw-dropping site to behold – Rooftop Film Club’s Electric Theatre in Peckham features a beautiful chaos of spectacular lighting, lavish velvet curtains, and heart-warming beverages that are sure to complete your neon-inspired viewing experience. The winter film club screening schedules include classics such as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Elf.’ Ticket sales are at £13.

2.   Hackney’s Pop-up Cinema Grotto
Straight from your winter wonderland dreams is the Hackney Showroom – a pop-up film grotto that boasts of a snowy Christmas cinema experience. It has a hidden entrance at the back of wardrobe that’s sure to make it a mysterious adventure for your family. Film showings include ‘Elf’, ‘Love, Actually’, and ‘The Grinch’ with tickets at £20 (£10 for kids aged ten and below).

3.   Film and Fizz with Curzon
Feast your eyes and your tummies with One Aldwych’s pop-up cinema event in London showing some of your favorite holiday films in a private viewing room. More importantly, One Aldwych’s Indigo restaurant offers you a three-course meal! Shows run from December 24 until March 26 next year.

4.   Backyard Cinema’s Winter Night Garden
But of course, a magical Christmas viewing won’t be complete without Backyard Cinema’s Winter Garden Night conveniently located at the Mercato Metropolitano Italian food market that’s sure to overwhelm your senses. Put on some magical wardrobes and traverse a tunnel of winter trees and vines as you reach your beanbag (yes, you get to sit on beanbags!).

Top off your cozy pop-up film viewing with warm blankets and mulled wine as you watch family classics such as ‘Frozen,’ ‘Cinderella’, and ‘Home Alone’. If you get too drunk on wine and Christmas spirits, don’t worry because the best serviced apartments Central London has to offer might be just around the corner. You can head down and visit serviced apartments Covent Garden should you wish to stay the night. The cinema’s open from November 18 to January 6 with standard ticket sales at £16.50 and £9.50 for kids under 12 years of age.

Top 5 Reasons to go to the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick House

Nothing beats the city lights in London during holiday seasons especially with the Magical Lantern Festival making its third comeback this year. The festival is a showcase of festive lights and stunning sculptures you only see in your dreams complete with an international street food bazaar, a recreation of a Grand Chinese city and some of the best holiday apartments London. With a variety of activities to choose from, we’ve listed the top 5 reasons why visiting the Magical Lantern Festival this year should be at the top of your list:

1.   Enchanting Lights, Stunning Sculptures
The festival, now on its third year, features the best and brightest lanterns inspired by Chinese New Year festivities. The Christmas-themed lantern festival this year is complete from lantern snowmen, diving dolphins, a giant Santa on a sleigh full of gifts, and the cutest penguins – this year promises to be an experience you’ll never forget.

2.   The Grand Chinese City
At the centerpiece of the festivities is a lantern recreation of an ancient city from the Chinese Song Dynasty era. Relive the ancient times complete with recreated buildings, archways, and pathways alive with stunning lights that puts your Christmas d├ęcor to shame!

3.   Santa’s Grotto
Meet Father Christmas at the Santa’s Grotto where every child’s dream comes true. The Grotto features a Giant Santa with his reindeers that gives away special gifts for every child that visits (£10 per child). Exciting fairground rides also await your kids! 

4.   Street Food Bazaar
After walking through the trail, feast yourself to the street food market and pop-up bar – a farmer’s market where top producers from across the country gather to showcase what they have to offer. Nothing can go wrong with the best food choices imaginable – from Sotomayor & Sons, Breadren, Just Desserts, to the Pergola Point – it’s an irresistible explosion of flavours made available for you!

5.   Accessible Holiday Apartments
If you’re planning for a complete holiday experience for your family, you are in luck as Presidential Serviced Apartments Marylebone is just around the corner! Head down at the Presidential Apartments Marylebone and book one of the best holiday apartments in London surrounded by famous establishments and museums such as Madame Tussauds and the Planetarium. Presidential Apartments are the crowning glory of the best holiday apartments in London that offers you a relaxing stay with contemporary style interior decoration, prestigious musical performances and some of the best sights London has to offer!

Treat yourself and your family this Christmas season with the enchanting illuminations and dazzling hand-sculpted art works at the Chiswick House and Gardens from November 24 to January 2! 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Christmas at Kew Gardens London

There’s no doubt that Kew Gardens is the prettiest place in London this Christmas. West London’s Kew Gardens glow with magical illuminations for the festive period.
Follow the glowing trail of over 1,000,000 twinkling lights, illuminating heritage trees and buildings through the Kew Gardens. 

You can catch a glimpse of Santa and enjoy a vintage fairground trip. So, warm up with a few mulled wine or warm chocolate and toast marshmallows around the fire. Children will love the great range of activities.

So, book a stay at any of the affordable Holiday Apartments London and experience the magic of Kew Gardens at Christmas.

Friday, 10 November 2017

The Best Places in London to Go Shopping with Children

Many people find it difficult to have children with them when they go shopping. Kids are likely to find the exercise boring and may whine about the ordeal.
When you go shopping in London, it is a good idea to include in your itinerary some shops which children are likely to find fun and interesting. Many of these shops are a short train or bus ride from most of the serviced apartments Covent Garden.

Hamleys Toy Store
Many tourists refer to Hamleys as one of the greatest toy shops they have ever been to. You can find the toy shop on Regent Street. It has 7 floors filled with amazing games and toys. Your children will be thrilled no end exploring all seven floors.
Hamleys maintains a magical ambiance. Many of the shop assistants are garbed in costumes to add entertainment value. There are toy demonstrations so you can try out the toys before deciding which ones to get for your kids.

Green Baby
If you want eco-friendly stuff for babies and kids, make sure to drop by Green Baby. The shop is the leading store for fair trade, organic, environment-friendly, and natural products. They have a wide selection of accessories, cotton clothing, and underwear for the young ones.

Mystical Fairies
If you have little girls, they will be fascinated by what this shop has to offer. Mystical Fairies has a grand selection of princess and fairy costumes, and accessories like tiaras, wands, and wings.
Your boys will like the shop as well. There are many costumes and accessories for wizards and pirates.

Oh Baby London
You will find this hip store in Brick Lane over at the city’s East End. Hannah McHalick started the shop to provide children’s wear of the irreverent, bold, cool, and eccentric variety. If you prefer cute, unusual, and cool to pretty and pastel, you will be pleased with your finds at Oh Baby London.

Forbidden Planet

If your children are into cult entertainment, fantasy, or science fiction, make sure to take them to Forbidden Planet. The store has the largest collection of the latest graphic novels and comics in the entire United Kingdom. They also have toys, action figures, DVDs, books, and other merchandise that you see on television and movies.

If your kids are into sports, do not fail to bring them over to Niketown. Located on Oxford Street, this popular sports store is the go-to for sports-related merchandise.

All these kid-friendly shops are accessible from any of the serviced apartments Central London.