Sunday, 26 November 2017

Christmas at Kew Gardens London

There’s no doubt that Kew Gardens is the prettiest place in London this Christmas. West London’s Kew Gardens glow with magical illuminations for the festive period.
Follow the glowing trail of over 1,000,000 twinkling lights, illuminating heritage trees and buildings through the Kew Gardens. 

You can catch a glimpse of Santa and enjoy a vintage fairground trip. So, warm up with a few mulled wine or warm chocolate and toast marshmallows around the fire. Children will love the great range of activities.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

The Best Places in London to Go Shopping with Children

Many people find it difficult to have children with them when they go shopping. Kids are likely to find the exercise boring and may whine about the ordeal.
When you go shopping in London, it is a good idea to include in your itinerary some shops which children are likely to find fun and interesting. Many of these shops are a short train or bus ride from most of the serviced apartments Covent Garden.

Hamleys Toy Store
Many tourists refer to Hamleys as one of the greatest toy shops they have ever been to. You can find the toy shop on Regent Street. It has 7 floors filled with amazing games and toys. Your children will be thrilled no end exploring all seven floors.
Hamleys maintains a magical ambiance. Many of the shop assistants are garbed in costumes to add entertainment value. There are toy demonstrations so you can try out the toys before deciding which ones to get for your kids.

Green Baby
If you want eco-friendly stuff for babies and kids, make sure to drop by Green Baby. The shop is the leading store for fair trade, organic, environment-friendly, and natural products. They have a wide selection of accessories, cotton clothing, and underwear for the young ones.

Mystical Fairies
If you have little girls, they will be fascinated by what this shop has to offer. Mystical Fairies has a grand selection of princess and fairy costumes, and accessories like tiaras, wands, and wings.
Your boys will like the shop as well. There are many costumes and accessories for wizards and pirates.

Oh Baby London
You will find this hip store in Brick Lane over at the city’s East End. Hannah McHalick started the shop to provide children’s wear of the irreverent, bold, cool, and eccentric variety. If you prefer cute, unusual, and cool to pretty and pastel, you will be pleased with your finds at Oh Baby London.

Forbidden Planet

If your children are into cult entertainment, fantasy, or science fiction, make sure to take them to Forbidden Planet. The store has the largest collection of the latest graphic novels and comics in the entire United Kingdom. They also have toys, action figures, DVDs, books, and other merchandise that you see on television and movies.

If your kids are into sports, do not fail to bring them over to Niketown. Located on Oxford Street, this popular sports store is the go-to for sports-related merchandise.

All these kid-friendly shops are accessible from any of the serviced apartments Central London.

Exploring Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one of Britain’s most popular authors, created Sherlock Holmes, a fictional “consulting detective” recognized for his incredible proficiency in forensic science, observation, deduction, and logical reasoning. The gifted investigator uses these amazing skills to investigate cases for Scotland Yard and other clients. Dr. Watson, Holmes’ biographer and friend, narrates Holmes’ investigations. 

According to the stories, Holmes lives at 221b Baker St. in London.
The stories are so popular that many people see Holmes as a British cultural icon. Holmes’ character is said to have had a profound influence in popular culture and mystery writing.

Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in print in 1887. Today, stories about him continue to be adapted into radio and stage plays, movies, films made for television, and video games.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum now stands at 221b Baker Street – a museum dedicated to portraying how the famous detective lived during his time. The interior of the building is maintained to reflect what you read in Conan Doyle’s stories.

The house is considered to be of particular historical and architectural interest. It has been renovated to look like a Victorian home. The exterior includes many interesting details of the Victorian era. It has mosaic floor tiles of black and white, black iron railings, and bay windows featuring net curtains.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a short 5-minute walk from the Baker Street Station. It is quite accessible from any of the holiday apartments London.
The museum is usually filled with tourists. The ground floor serves as a shop where you can buy novelty teapots, pipes, deerstalker hats, jewelry, magnifying glasses, and many other items featured in the stories. It also carries books and films about Sherlock Holmes. To maintain the Victoria-era theme, museum assistants are dressed in clothes representing the era.

Holmes’ study is located on the 1st floor overlooking Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes’ armchair sits by the fireplace. Tourists are allowed to sit on the famous chair for photo opportunities. You will also find the detective’s bedroom on this floor.

You will find Dr. Watson’s bedroom on the 2nd floor. You will even see the dear doctor writing on his diary! The duo’s landlady, Mrs. Hudson, also has her room in this area.

Go up to the 3rd floor and you will find waxwork statues of Professor Moriarty and other main characters in the stories.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum was actually a lodging house during Holmes’ time. Nobody knows who actually lived in the house during that particular period. The museum’s curators, however, have done such an excellent job of fixing up the place that you somehow believe that the characters actually lived there.

London is a very interesting place to visit. You can stay in Presidential Apartments Marylebone to make your visit more pleasant and convenient.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Interesting Ways to Enjoy a Sunday in London

There are many interesting things to do in London – even on a Sunday. You can spend your time in serviced apartments Covent Garden or opt to go out and savour London’s remarkable attractions.

What are some of the exciting things you can do in the city on a Sunday?

·         Visit Westminster Abbey.
You can find the impressive Westminster Abbey right at the center of the city. It is a dazzling Gothic church that is steeped in history. All the English monarchs from William the Conqueror’s time have been crowned in this majestic church.
The church is celebrated for its beautiful and breath-taking paintings, statues, murals and stain glass windows.

·         Stroll through the markets.
Many of the city’s fascinating markets remain open even on Sundays. You can visit the Old Spitalfields Market, the city’s oldest market, and soak in the Ye Olde vibe of the 300-year old market.
Camden Market is another charming market found in North London. The market is well-received for its funky and edgy merchandise. If you want to visit a market that is patently different from most, make it a point to go to Camden Market.

·         Watch a film at the Rooftop Cinema Club.
You can have a relaxing Sunday by taking in a classic film in this rooftop cinema. The cinema is well known for showing timeless classics, as well as new movie releases. Londoners often flock to this cinema, especially during summer.

·         Go shopping.
Choose a Sunday to go on a grand shopping spree. Central London is filled with retail shops guaranteed to help you go on a glorious and fruitful shopping binge.
Oxford Circus, with more than 150 retail outlets to its name, is considered one of Europe’s busiest shopping havens.
If you want something more edgy, you can simply hop across to Carnaby Street around the corner. The place was one of the vanguards of the British counterculture movement in the 60s. Living up to its reputation as a hip place, Carnaby Street remains a hub for subversive music and radical fashion.
If you want to experience shopping in a cutting-edge mega mall, you should visit Westfields. The mall is gigantic with more than 300 bars, boutiques, and restaurants.

·         Go on a picnic at Greenwich Park.
If you want to do something more relaxing and laid-back, you can stroll over from one of the serviced apartments Central London to Greenwich Park. The park gives you a breath-taking view of the city from across the river. You can simply immerse yourself in the natural uplifting beauty of the green reserve or choose a spot under a cool shady tree and relax with your favourite book.

London is a bustling city. You will not run out of things to do – even on a Sunday.

Attractions at Trafalgar Square

A large majority of London tourists make it a point to include Trafalgar Square in their itinerary. Put up in 1806, the square stands as a constant reminder and celebration of Admiral Horatio Nelson’s victory over Napoleon’s army during the Battle of Trafalgar.
Guests at holiday apartments London always drop by the square to enjoy its attractions.
What can you expect to do or see at Trafalgar Square?
Nelson’s Column
Nelson’s Column is one of the foremost attractions of Trafalgar Square. The monument stands at 185 feet to replicate the exact height of HMS Victory’s main mast. HMS Victory was Sir Nelson’s flagship during the famous battle.
Bronze relief casts of cannons and beautiful fountains surround the column to commemorate Sir Nelson’s triumphs at Trafalgar, the Nile, Cape St. Vincent, and Copenhagen.
You will also find other imposing statues in the square including those of General Gordon, Henry Havelock, Charles Napier, and George IV.
St. Martin-in-the-Fields
St. Martin-in-the-Fields is the church of the Admiralty. It also serves as the royal parish church.
St. Martin-in-the-Fields has beautiful elements of Georgian architecture. Corinthian columns support an elliptical ceiling. The building features a Corinthian portico, as well as a steeple that stands a stunning 185 feet in height.
The Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the church’s orchestra, as well as Sir Neville Marriner, its renowned conductor, are known to music-lovers all over the world. The orchestra holds noontime concerts and evening performances for music enthusiasts.
Royal Celebrations
Trafalgar Square is a popular venue for royal celebrations and festive events. It is not surprising that the square is always bustling with tourists visiting from all over the world.
During the London Olympics in 2012, the Trafalgar Square served as the centre for many of London’s revelry. Special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year, among others are celebrated with much festivity and pomp in the square.
Interesting Places Nearby
You can find quite a number of interesting places to explore around the square. The half mile area around the square, which stretches from Piccadilly Circus all the way to the Covent Garden Market, is fairly bursting with iconic landmarks, historic churches, theaters, eclectic market stalls, and stylish boutiques.
You will not have a difficult time going from place to place around Trafalgar Square. You can stay in one of the Presidential Apartments Marylebone and keep yourself busy for days at the square and its surrounding vicinity.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Twisted Circus Halloween Festival 2017

The Twisted Circus Halloween Festival 2017 returns, Friday 27th October @ Building Six, o2 Arena. Party with thousands of likeminded freaks & indulge yourself in a night of @TwistedCircusUK horror.

Should you be brave enough to watch, the surprises are constant, from evil clowns lurking in the shadows to a Halloween visit from the Angel of Death. Our weird and wonderful circus acts will perform routinely to shape your evening to anything our imaginations can conceive.

In addition there are a lot of destinations to stop by while in the capital. Self Catering Apartments London is definitely a place to stay to explore the majority of the capital’s sites and destinations of great importance.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Diwali Festival 2017 in Trafalgar Square

Join in the Diwali festival this year in Trafalgar Square, London to celebrate light and life. Thousands of people come together to celebrate the Hindu, Sikh and Jain festival of lights in London.
Diwali festival represents the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the festival in Trafalgar Square. Entry is absolutely free.  The function includes music and dance stage performances, family-friendly craft activities, yoga, henna art, and delicious food from India and beyond.

So, if you are coming to London and planning to stay for some time than an affordable Serviced Apartments Central London might be a great accommodation choice for you as it can ease off your travel heck to reach popular London’s sites and destinations.