Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Student Budget: Living in London

Crossing over from high school to college is the most monumental event in a student’s life. It is the the end of prelude and the beginning of chapter one. A student is no longer learning from the four corners of a classroom, but also becoming a student of life. He/she now begins to trust his own judgment and makes his own call. Some easily learn the ways, but some freshers still need the map. That is perfectly normal and fine. Below is a fresher’s starter kit in knowing how to work around the student’s budget in London:

The food
A good student always allots his funds first to his/her consumption. This is because a healthy student produces good grades and a better stamina for the exam week. Choices from buying your own groceries and making a meal from raw ingredients to finding and maintaining your “budget restaurant” should be initially considered. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are two of the biggest chain of supermarket in London. It is believed that every £1 from every £10 spent in London is spent in Tesco while ‘Sainsbury’s Range’ houses cheaper than usual branded products. For those who choose to eat at a restaurant, most recommended student budget meal can be found at Baiwei in Chinatown, Bi Bim Bap in Soho, or City Caphe in Mansion House. Most university student’s suggest that freshers take a walk at Chinatown for more choices.

The transportation
Choices of transportation in Central London include buses, trains, undertown tube transport services and taxi cabs. London has also good roads for those who choose to ride a bike to school. The choices are yours. A single bus fare costs £1.50 for adults. Payment for bus fare is done by using a Visitor Oyster card, an Oyster card, a Travelcard or with a contactless payment card.These mode of payment could also be used if you choose to ride on a Tube, DLR, London Overground, Tfl Rail and most National Rail services.

The accommodation
Apartments are the most sought choice in choosing your accommodation. Because of some students prefer to have roommates, they choose an apartment with bigger space and more facilities even when they cost more. But for some, they can also choose to live alone in their apartment to study better and focus more. Presidential Apartments Marylebone is a service apartment good for 2-4 people and with a fully equipped Kitchen that has ovens, microwaves, fridge freezers, andwasher dryers. Presidential Marylebone Serviced Apartments are located in the very heart of Central London with easy access to the airport, train stations, bus and underground tube transport services. They also have available Holiday Apartments in London.

The miscellaneous

Of course student’s also need to relax and destress from all school works. This may be mandatory for some in their budgets, and that is perfectly fine. Just make sure to be responsible about the way you spend your allocation in this department.

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