Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What makes Presidential Marylebone better than others ?

Presidential Marylebone Mayfair Serviced Apartment is a 4-star hotel located in the very heart of the Central London.
The location of the apartment is very impressive for those people who want to see the beauty of London. There are also famous Museums near the apartment, and these are namely Madame Tussauds, Planetarium, etc. It is also accessible to all the major tourists’ attractions such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Greenwich because the apartment is situated to take advantage of underground, rail, road, and air transportations and is also accessible to all London airports.
This apartment is apparently called “serviced apartment” because regardless of the tourists’ short-stay in the apartment, they can experience the normal London life while staying in the Presidential Marylebone Mayfair Serviced Apartment. Another reason for this is that tourists may bring less luggage than the usual where travelling becomes easier. The apartment offers much more personal space than a hotel room where one-bed room apartments can accommodate three to four people, and each room also has its own fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities, it is surrounded by a number of award-winning international restaurants, and in terms of relaxation, this apartment also offers a breath-taking view of the city. One of the advantages of staying in the Aparthotels London is that, it is cheaper than staying in hotels.
The different types of rooms offered are: One Bedroom Apartment, Studio Apartment, Presidential Suite, and Presidential Studio.
One Bedroom Apartment can occupy by 4 persons. Its room size is approximately 56 m2. The room facilities include: Free Wi-Fi, Work Desk, Desk Chair, Digital Channels, Flat Screen TV, Telephone, Toaster, Microwave Oven, Fridge/Freezer, Air Conditioning, Wardrobe, Hairdryer, and Washing Machine with Dryer. The room costs £180/night.
Studio Apartment is much cheaper than One Bedroom Apartment. This room can occupy 3 persons. Its room size is approximately 42mq. The room facilities are lesser it only includes: Direct Dial Telephone, Balcony, Telephone, Flat Screen TV, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, Hairdryer, and Free high speed internet. The room costs £149/night.
The Presidential Suite as compared to One Bedroom Apartment is more on guests who is with their families. It can also accommodate 4 persons and has a room size of 56 m2. The room facilities include: Free Wi-Fi, Flat Screen TV, Toaster, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, and Washing Machine with Dryer. It costs £198/night.

The Presidential Studio is as same as Studio Apartment. Their only difference is the facilities because this room has its own fully equipped kitchen. The room costs £160/night.

Staying in an Aparthotel is much better than staying in a hotel because it feels like you’re home. They can provide facilities that are same as the ones that we have in our own houses. London offers a variety of hotels, but Presidential Marylebone Mayfair Serviced Apartment is like a one-stop-shop apartment because it is very convenient in all aspects.

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