Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Live Like a London Local – Presidential Apartments in Marylebone

London has always been a consistent forerunner when it comes to tourist destinations. Whether it’s the big red telephone booths and double-decker buses, its monarchs or simply the British accents, it’s a place people always come back to. Why wouldn’t they? The sheer number of things to do, places to visit, and the people are pretty amazing too.
It’s a colorful city filled with iconic buildings and palaces—the likes of which most people can only see in pictures and through television screens. You can revisit 2000 years of history while being able to see the technology of the future in London. It’s a well-balanced mixture of both past and present with its diverse architecture and culture.
One of the greatest things when it comes to London would be the fact that it’s a city of many neighborhoods. However, the number of neighborhoods this city has can be perplexing for any first-time visitor. That said, each one is worth exploring as it can hide many gems—places which only locals tend to be privy to. After all, a bit of adventure never hurt anyone. Who knows what you might discover along the way?
One of London’s most famous neighborhoods is Marylbone. It’s a popular upscale community famous for its numerous tourist destinations, and is located in London’s West End. This part of London is well known for its classy shops and interesting sites. This is where you’ll find The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, as well as two of London’s most famed parks—Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, which houses London Zoo.
For tourists and visitors, popular accommodations for short stays and holidays include presidential and holiday apartments. These apartments offer cheaper rates but come with the same customer service as hotels. Presidential apartments Marylebone and holiday apartments in London are a common choice for guests visiting Marylbone on vacation. They’re fully equipped with common household comforts and even come with fully furnished kitchens and fast internet connection.

Staying in Serviced Apartments Central London give you the feel of being in a place of your own—you can make your own breakfast, do your own laundry and fix your sheets. It’s a more private and budget-friendly alternative to hotels. You get the same security and customer service for a lesser price, and get the place to yourself. It gives it guests that unique experience of living like a local and not just a tourist passing through. Definitely something to consider trying the next time you’re in town for a sojourn.

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