Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Feel Right at Home – Covent Garden Serviced Apartments

Covent Garden is located in the east fringes of London’s West End. It is divided by the main passageway of Long Acre, with the north centered on independent market stalls and the south centered on entertainment facilities, performers and historical buildings. Among its famous landmarks are London Transport Museum, St. Paul’s Church and the Freemason’s Hall, which served as a meeting place for many Masonic Lodges in the London area. This district boasts of many tourist attractions that mainly involve shopping and entertainment.
Not so long ago, Covent Garden was a region known for selling fruits and vegetables. It’s hard to imagine how a simple fruit and vegetable market could transform itself into a popular tourist destination in just a few years, but Covent Garden managed to beat the odds and become what it is today.
In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Covent Garden has also been associated with live performances and the arts. The Royal Opera House, which is also referred to as Covent Garden, has a capacity of over 2 thousand people and hosts operas and ballets on a regular basis. The area also has over 60 pubs and bars and is home to the Lam and the Lag, a 245-year old pub that is said to be the oldest in Covent Garden.
A vacation in Covent Garden or in any part of London can be anything but inexpensive. Most tourists counter the expensive London lifestyle by skipping the appeal of hotels and investing in cheaper accommodations like service apartments and aparthotels. Serviced Apartments Marylebone offer the convenience of hotels with a twist—they have the space and privacy hotels lack, but come with hotel-like customer service. They also have very affordable rates and are fully equipped with kitchen amenities and common household comforts like washing machines and fridge freezers.

One of the great things about staying in Serviced Apartments Covent Garden and Serviced Apartments Central London is the fact that accommodation rates usually decrease the more days a guest stays. And since service apartments have less frequent maid service and lesser staff members than hotels, rates are generally cheaper. The rise of the service apartment trend isn’t surprising with the number of guests preferring Presidential Marylebone Mayfair to hotels. They’re easier to access and are more convenient for short stays. No wonder tourists and businesses are beginning to prefer them over hotels; it’s the same experience at a better price.

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