Friday, 17 February 2017

The Top 8 Most Romantic Spots in London

Many of the most romantic places in the world can be found in London. If you are planning to woo the love of your life, take her to the following places in the weekend. You will never regret it.

1. Kynance Mews

Sometimes romance can be experienced in a place where you least expect to find it: in the backstreets of historic and beautiful London. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life is one of London’s most beautiful 19th century mews, the Kynance Mews. You can find this pretty lane beyond a stone archway. It is simply perfect for a romantic afternoon stroll with your partner. With its cobbled roads, old brick walls, flower pots and vines, Kynance Mews looks like a peaceful rustic village straight out of a fairy tale book.

2. Kensington Palace Gardens

Another magical place to go for a romantic walk can be found in the backyard of the royal family. Kensington Palace Gardens is full of beautiful gardens and the best place of all to wander about hand-in-hand is under the lover’s arch in front of the royal residence.

3. Queen Mary’s Garden

Speaking of romantic strolls and royal gardens, another place to take your partner for some quality alone time is the Queen Mary’s Garden. Named in honor of the wife of King George V, you can find this world-famous garden inside the Regent’s Park. What makes the Queen Mary’s Garden special is its large collection of beautiful roses. It has about 12,000 roses. The rich sight and scents of this rose garden can certainly provide a romantic backdrop to any marriage proposal.

4. Primrose Hill

There is nothing more exciting than to have a picnic at a place where you are treated to the panoramic view of the city. The trees are kept low to avoid obscuring the beautiful scenery. One interesting fact to note about Primrose Hill is that it used to be a place where duels were fought.
5. St. Pancras Station

End every date with a blissful kiss. One of the most romantic spots to share a kiss is under the statue of an embracing couple at St. Pancras Station.

6. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Visiting St. Paul Cathedral at dusk is perfect for couples who share a love for history and architecture. The sight of this romantic domed structure against a fiery sky at sundown is simply breathtaking. You will surely be amazed by its great vaulted ceilings and the mysterious interiors of the cathedral’s whispering gallery. St. Paul’s Cathedral is an excellent place to whisper sweet nothings into your lover’s ear.

7. Clos Maggiore

The great thing about being a guest at the serviced apartments Covent Garden is your access to many great pubs and fine dining restaurants. Known for its colorful history and many attractions like shopping and dining, Covent Garden is never short of beautiful fancy places to go for a romantic date.

Clos Maggiore is probably one of the most romantic places in Coven Garden to go for dinner. With its wood paneling, fireplace, candles, and fairy light, Clos Maggiore is certainly an epitome of romance.

8. Your Apartment Suite

Nothing beats wooing your partner with a scrumptious meal that you prepared yourself. Cooking provides you the opportunity to impress your significant other with your culinary skills. After all, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. So, if you don’t feel like going out of your suite that night, head over to your private kitchen to flex your culinary muscles and set up the table with flowers and scented tea candles.

Access to your own private kitchen is one of the greatest perks of staying in a holiday apartment. If you’re planning on a romantic getaway this weekend, book at the Serviced Apartments London for the convenience of having your own fully furnished kitchen during your mini break.

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