Friday, 17 February 2017

How to Tip in London

The most cost-efficient way to enjoy your London holiday is to stay at a place that can offer you the convenience of a home even if you’re far away from your home. There are plenty of holiday apartments in London that can serve as your temporary residence for a rate that is comparatively lower than the cost of an overnight stay at a hotel.

Places like the Presidential Marylebone Mayfair are not only affordable but are comfy as well. Just like a real house, the apartments have their own spacious lounge, kitchen, dining area and bedrooms. They are also conveniently located near restaurant hubs, modern and traditional pubs, shopping centers, and a host of other tourist attractions.

However, before booking a holiday apartments London and heading over to that part of London, it is advisable to research on some rules of etiquette, especially when it involves tipping. The dos and don’ts of tipping in London are so different from what it is dictated by the rules of etiquette in other countries.

Tipping varies from one situation or place to another. If you want to know what those rules on tipping in London are all about, then read on and be enlightened.


Tipping isn’t really customary in many of the eateries in London. However, in restaurants where customers are served by waiters, it is advisable to leave tips between 10 to 15%. Other restaurants will automatically add a service charge to your bill so there is no need to pay extra. On the other hand, a “service not included” written on your bill is a subtle indicator that tipping will be appreciated.

Bars and Pubs

Tipping is customary in cocktail bars in London. Everywhere else, you just have to pay for your order and nothing else. Bartenders in pubs and bars do not really expect you to leave tips. However, if you’ve established a connection with the people working at the bars or pub, it is appropriate to hand them a small amount and say, “and one for yourself.”

It is not customary to tip taxi drivers. However, it has been a practice to round up the amount you pay and tell the driver to keep the change.


Personnel working at five-star hotels are used to receiving tips from their guests. In contrast to that, it is not customary to tip the staff working at budget hotels. However, leaving money at your bedside table for room cleaners will be highly appreciated.

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