Sunday, 29 January 2017

6 Reasons That Make Serviced Apartments the Perfect Holiday Accommodation for Families

Hotels are always the primary accommodation choice for business travelers: they are extravagantly beautiful in architecture and have elegant interiors. The guest rooms and services are superior in quality. And, room rates are especially sky-high, making them feasible for short stays only. However, for families traveling to London on a weeklong holiday, a hotel accommodation is just out of the question.

When you are traveling on a budget, there are two important factors that you need to consider when looking for a place to stay. First of all, affordability. And second, comfort. Any budget accommodation in London can provide both comfort and affordability, but nothing quite like a serviced apartment that provides families a home away from home.

So, what makes serviced apartments stand apart from other budget accommodations? Here are top six reasons serviced apartments are ideal for families on vacation.

1.   Spacious Enough for the Kids

For families traveling with little children, space would be a determining factor in selecting the perfect holiday accommodation. While not many hotels can offer the luxury of space, serviced apartments, on the other hand, are built to look like regular homes (complete with kitchen, living room, and single or double bedroom suites) which only means there is plenty of space for the children to run around.

2.   You Can Cook Your Meals

What makes a Serviced Apartments Marylebone feel like a real home is that it has its own kitchen. This gives you the option not to eat out and save money. You can live like a local by shopping for food supply at the local grocer’s or buying fresh produce at the Sunday market. In the privacy of your little kitchen, you can flex your culinary muscles and whip up a couple of mean dishes.

3. You Can Do Your Own Laundry

The good think about Presidential Serviced Apartments is that it provides guests with their own washing machines as well as a fully equipped kitchen. This makes traveling light possible. With accessibility to a washing machine and dryer, guests can do their own laundry and repeat outfits.

4. Cosy Living Room

A home isn’t complete without a lounge where you can curl up on a sofa and watch television, or invite a friend for a chat over a cup of tea. Serviced apartments Central London have stylish living rooms that are comparable to the homes you see in lifestyle magazines. They do not only look good, but they feel as comfortable as home.

5. Easy Access to Everything

One big advantage about staying in a serviced apartment is their location. Not far from serviced apartments Covent Garden are various local and international restaurants where you can go for some exciting culinary adventure. There are also shops nearby where you can do a bit of shopping. If not, you can walk a short distance to the tube station and hop on a train to see one of those must-visit places in London.

6. Inexpensive

Serviced apartments may be as elegant-looking as any hotel, but it is definitely not as expensive. In fact, the room rates are half the price of a regular hotel room and access to facilities like a kitchen and a washing machine will save you more money.

Ways to Enjoy Your London Holiday with Your Children

There is no education like first-hand experience. So, if you want to learn more about London, travel to the city and see for yourself everything that you have seen on travel documentaries and read about in various textbooks. All the same, if you want to broaden your children’s horizons, take them to different foreign places to enrich their minds. However, traveling with young children can be a little difficult compared to traveling solo. Young people can be impatient and demanding, so it’s important to draw up an itinerary of activities to keep them entertained.

There are plenty of things you can do in London that do not require spending a lot. For children, however, the choices are limited. Not everything that you can see or do in London will be well-received by them; so, it is always wise to do some research ahead of time.

Book a couple of days’ stay at any of the holiday apartments in London for the convenience of location, for the convenience of homelike comfort, and for the convenience of saving money. If you opt to stay at the Serviced Apartments Marylebone, you’ll discover that there are plenty of must-see attractions for kids that are not far from the place. Below is a list of those interesting places that can be found either in Marylebone or just near the district.

Madame Tussauds

Situated along Marylebone Road, the Madame Tussauds museum exhibits wax sculptures of famous personalities from around the world and across history. The children will certainly gush over the life-size, or rather, life-like waxworks of Britney Spears and David Beckham. They will be intrigued or horrified over the Chamber of Horrors and blown away with amazement by their Marvelous 4D experience.

The museum was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud, who created her first sculpture in 1777.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Older kids who appreciate reading mystery novels and watching detective movies will certainly enjoy a tour of the Sherlock Holmes’ fictional house on Baker Street in Marylebone. The museum occupies a Georgian townhouse that used to be a boarding house. In the museum, you will find interesting things that were, according to the novels, used by Sherlock Holmes himself, like the typewriter, the sitting room, and his laboratory. It can easily visited while residing at Presidential Marylebone Mayfair.

Pollock’s Toy Museum

The toy museum houses all kinds of toys from different places and different periods in history. What kid wouldn’t enjoy marveling at the diverse range of antique toys like the 4000 year-old Egyptian clay mouse or centuries old toy theatre? The museum is named after Benjamin Pollock, the creator and printer of Victorian toy theatre.

Sea Life Aquarium London

This is a terrific place to take children for an educational tour. Not only do they get to see a broad variety of fish and sea creatures, but they get to come face-to-face with sharks, rays, and other amazing sea life.


London is home to many beautiful parks. Take your pick from any of those lovely parks and enjoy your day. You can have a picnic at Hyde Park or play Frisbee or cricket at Richmond Park. You may also visit the Kensington Palace Gardens and marvel at the Peter Pan statue or experience strolling along the tree walkway at Kew Gardens. The free and wonderful things you can do with your child in a London park is endless.