Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Outdoor ice Rinks this winter in London

This winter, London is ready to celebrate Christmas with outdoor ice rinks. All the setup has done, Christmas lights are twinkling and children with all age of people are ready to enter the world full of fun and entertainment on ice rinks. Also, it will not much better to enjoy outdoor ice rinks this winter in London.

Don’t look here and there to find the best outdoor ice rinks spots in London, read this blog to know, how you can best enjoy outdoor ice rinks this winter while staying at Serviced Apartment Mayfair.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Essential Tips to Remember when Relocating to London

No matter if you are someone who can afford luxurious short stay apartments London, relocating to the capital of United Kingdom is a daunting task. After all, you are moving to a place you are barely familiar with. However, you can make the entire process of moving easier by getting the basics right. If you plan to settle in one of the serviced apartments Central London, then you have to take note of important things for the relocation.


Finding the right house to move in is one of the most challenging aspects when relocating. You need to choose whether you will buy a house or just rent it. Factors, such as the size of the house, how many storeys and bedrooms, and the like can affect how much you will be paying for it.

Before choosing, though, you first have to determine whether it’s appropriate for your needs. It is recommended then to stay in one of the serviced apartments London temporarily to give yourself time to find a long-term house, which perfectly suits you.


Various public transportation options are available in London. To have an easy travel experience, getting a contactless Oyster travel card is highly recommended. It will cost you £5. You won't be able to use cash to pay for bus fares in London so the card is essential. The card can also help you save more on transportation expenses.


Before relocating to London, it is imperative to check whether or not you need visa to both live and work there. Most foreign nationals have to apply for a visa before they are allowed to travel to the UK. The visa comes in various types as well, including families, tourists, students, and work visas (paid or volunteer).


People who plan to live and work in London can definitely benefit from the National Health Service. If you are eligible, you can enjoy free health services. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your relocation, check with the right people to see if you are eligible to receive the NHS healthcare. For example, if you are relocating from outside of Europe, you need to ask your employer if you are covered as part of the health insurance plan.

Bank Account

Since you are relocating to London, setting up your UK bank account is another important task. For that, you need several proofs of identity, including your visa, driver’s license, and passport. A proof of address is important, too. If you are still staying in one of the short stay apartments London, then you may want to wait until you have your permanent address before opening a UK bank account.

If you really can't wait to get your bank account before moving to a permanent address, you may opt to use your previous address. However, you need to secure a letter from your university or employer to confirm your residency eligibility. You also need to provide previous bank statements.

Top London Restaurants to Go to for Unforgettable Business Lunches

Inviting investors over for a business meeting can be quite hectic, especially when the company is the one, which takes care of everything the investors need during their stay. Not only is it necessary to pick out comfortable presidential apartments, it is also common courtesy to bring them to restaurants that can satisfy their palates. It is especially so when conducting a business lunch.

Bringing the investors to a plain and unexciting restaurant is an idea that you should never entertain. Let the investors feel that they are valued by bringing them to the top London restaurants.

Here are some of the best places in London where you can treat investors to sumptuous culinary delights:

#1. St. John, Smithfield

Aside from awesome holiday apartments London, this restaurant right next to the Smithfield market can be the highlight of any investor’s stay. It has a vintage feel as it is in a rundown smokehouse. The said restaurant is unique and is known for dishes made from entrails and internal organs of butchered meat. Aside from these, it offers one-of-a-kind veggie dishes good for vegetarians.

#2. Archipelago, Fitzrovia

If the investors have no qualms about eating exotic foods, then the Archipelago restaurant is one where they should get a meal. Once the guests have settled down in their respective Presidential Marylebone Mayfair, take them out for an unforgettable lunch experience by exploring the exotic. The said restaurant can serve dishes, including the Lovebug salad sprinkled with ants, bison steak, and deep friend croc burgers. For those who are fainthearted though, they can try dishes like the piri piri chicken. They also have vegetarian options.

#3. Sushisamba, Bishopsgate

If the holiday apartments in London where the investors are staying at are near the Heron Tower, then better bring them to Sushisamba. It is one of the high-rise restaurants in London, and you can find them in Heron Tower's 38th and 39th floors. Have the guests order from an extensive menu filled with sushi and Kobe beef.

#4. Inamo, Soho

For informal business lunches with the investors, reserve a table at Inamo restaurant. It can offer a unique and fun dining experience for the investors as the restaurant has an interactive dining system, allowing the guests to have full control of the serving of food. There are touch screen tables, virtual table cloth change options, and even book-a-taxi options offered to guests. In addition, they can enjoy an Oriental fusion menu, including various cuisines from Thailand, Korea, China, and Japan.

Investors will appreciate every little thing their partners do for them. Bringing them to unforgettable places, especially restaurants, is just one of the many things that a company should do to ensure that the investors are happy. Keeping them happy can greatly help the company, especially in the long run.