Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why Serviced Apartments Are Getting More Popular Than Hotels

The sudden upsurge in multinational companies has brought about a boom and a necessary surge in the demand for serviced apartments to cater for this unprecedented increase. The companies now prefer these serviced apartments in which you pay for the duration of your stay whether it is weekly, monthly or even yearly to hotels in which you have to pay per night. These apartments like the Serviced Apartments Mayfair offer better rates and are more economical when it is a long term booking. Below are some other advantages of staying in a serviced apartment;
  • Owners of these apartments find it more affordable to take care of as they require less maintenance than hotels and the good thing is serviced apartments only need to be staffed when it is occupied.

  • Serviced apartments are slowly but surely competing openly with the hotels because of their uniqueness. It is now an alternative to many regular travelers with the low cost of renting there and convenient amenities.

  • Serviced apartments also called aparthotels like the Aparthotels London enjoy a higher occupancy rate than hotels most especially during the enlisting or recruiting season when newly hired employees are looking for where to stay.

  • This kind of quarters can be spread all around the city and you can increase the amount of units built to increase the operation easily.

  • The major players in the tourism game have opened their eyes and now the well known and important hotels now have serviced apartments in the major cities.

  • The field of medicine has also helped the growth of this market and serviced apartments are located near major hospitals to help the influx of medical staff.

Serviced apartments like the Serviced Apartments Mayfair are now very popular and they have taken the hospitality market unawares and they are really here to stay.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Best Class Of Apartments On Planet Earth.

The world dictates that February is a month of love, lovers are supposed to show true love and compassion towards each other like never before. Could you be seated somewhere and wondering too hard on how to express your true feelings to your lover this month? Since you are already visiting London, take the love of your life to a Serviced Apartments Central London or Serviced Apartments London both situated in the famous London city are there to help you out. Of course you need to book the same before you embark on your London visit.

From the name, one can easily mistake the place with a place specially meant for heads of states or the rich and powerful. The naming is just one of the strategies of ensuring perfect branding so as to help in marketing of the apartment and the business as a whole to their clients. So, just in case you were seriously thinking of how to surprise your best half then you should be very thankful to me for giving you such a brilliant idea. The serviced apartment will give just the right amount of privacy to your romantic stay.

Serviced Apartments Central London and Serviced Apartments London are characterised by very unique and of course classy features that will truly strengthen and take your relationship to a level that you could have never imagined. The apartments are luxurious to an extent that they are fitted with a studio to ensure their clients’ comfort. The apartment also have a kitchenette, a dining area and as well as laundry facilities. The apartments are also fitted with free WI-FI network just to ensure that they remain vibrant in the competition in the market with other organisations venturing in the same business.