Monday, 16 November 2015

Four Ways To Enjoy Your London Trip

Holiday Apartments London

London is a historic city etched in both traditional values and modern day customs. It is a dream destination for travelers, businessmen as well as families or couples looking to spend an exotic vacation. There are literally thousands of hotels all around London, and it is paramount for a traveler to seek an accommodation that would suit him/her considering prices, location, accessibility to other London areas and most important of all, comfort. You can choose or try Holiday Apartments London, which is located in centre of London’s prime areas. With accommodations and elegant lodging off your checklist when checking into a fully serviced apartment, you can follow these steps to enjoy London.
  1. Go Shopping: London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so you can indulge yourself in the couture the city offers. Besides that, the city has a rich abundance of flea markets, souvenir shops in and around the famous Oxford Street, Regents Street, and Baker Street. Shop, stop at the Aparthotels London and then go out again!

  2.  Explore the Culture: Iconic and world renowned locations such as Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, London Planetarium, Wigmore Halls are just around the corner from the Holiday Apartments London has to offer. London also boasts a buzzing nightlife and jubilant pub environments. Soak yourself in the delight the city beams in.

  3. Strolls, Walks and Ride: Feel the chilly London air with leisurely strolls along the streets of Marleybone, Oxford and in Regent’s Park.  Take some time off and experience the historic London Bus and the tube to get to different areas of this prestigious city.

  4. Enjoy Sports: London’s boast the finest sporting locations in the world from Lord’s Cricket Ground, Wembley Stadium to the All England Tennis Club. Enjoy a day outdoor with sports.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Why Serviced Apartments Are Better Stay For A Romantic Getaway Stay?

Our lives can so dull without love and company. In today’s world it is incredibly difficult to find solace and enjoy a nice romantic time because of haste and work load in your life. For a relationship whether serious or not, to be exciting and romantic needs getting away from the where you are for sometimes. A new place is always a new adventure and it can be quite interesting as well romantic for a couple to go out and have time of their own. Even if you don’t want to go on thrilling adventures into the wild you can always visit classic and romantic cities like London.  London is a busy place and going out to visit London and staying in a hotel filled with crazy people on the other side of the wall might not sound so romantic, which is rightly fully because you have other options than hotels to make your romantic trip to London a success. Serviced apartments are like homes but far from home and secluded and with all the privacy you might ever have wanted. So get yourself quality romantic time at presidentialapartments at presidential Marylebone Mayfair in London.

Why serviced apartments are better for a romantic getaway stay?

1. You are absolutely free from outside world: No room service staff is going to come knocking on your door all the time, you won’t need to go out to eat always. You can prepare a romantic dinner and it by the balcony and enjoy the time all by yourselves.  Get yourselves serviced apartments Central London booking to enjoy this autumn in London with your partner.

2. You can customize and personalize the place as you please: serviced apartments are available to you for as long as you want to stay; there are no any petty charges for small stuff which means it comes less expensive than a hotel for a long stay. If you want certain lights, decorations or anything else you can do it just like at your own place, it is romantic. Spend your romantic London getaway at presidential Marylebone Mayfair serviced apartments.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Three Reasons To Stay In A Self Catering Holiday Apartment

Self catering holidays are now very popular options especially among family holiday makers. Holiday apartments provide you a lot of different options and flexibility. One of the reasons why holiday apartments are getting more and more recognition in the society is the fact that they give you more freedom to do and not to things. Holiday apartments have in general the usual things that you would need in your house which mean you can wash, cook and do other basic stuff by yourself and you save some as well. The self catering apartments mean you get to choose the kind of meals you want to eat and choose you want to live your holiday. If you are willing to cook than that is great but if you don’t want to cook then you don’t have to order the expensive food from the same place like when getting a hotel service, you can go out and get your meal from anywhere. For self catering apartments London, you can call presidential apartments UK services.

 Three reasons to stay in a self catering holiday apartment:

1. Your own personal space: if you are new in a city or you just don’t want to be around a lot of people then self catering apartments are a great idea. And because you can even do your laundry or cook your food on your own you don’t have to interact much with the new crowd if that is something you don’t want to do. Get the experience of short stay apartments London this time you visit London.

2. Food freedom: When you are staying at a hotel you will most likely eat there, drink in the bar, use the room service, will need to tip everywhere and all this small things add up to the bill. In self catering apartments you can cook your own food or grab subway or go to a local restaurant, do whatever you like and spend less. Self catering apartments London are a great choice for accommodation in London compared to hotels.